During Christmas at Bayside, I worked on the entire experience. Everything from the designs on the stage, animations for the TV and live broadcasts, and all the graphics in-room. The "hero" of this years Christmas experience was, light. I used that theme of light in everything I created, from the 'magic' light trails, to the shine of the bug when a snipe is about to come on screen. The story we were telling is that there is a thrill of hope in us all, especially after a year like 2020. For this project I designed the following:
- Christmas broadcast bug (in the corner)
- Animated Snipes (text that flows out of the bug)
- Band Stands
- Art directed the design of the LED screens on the risers
- Lower 3rds
- Slides
- Side 3rds
- Side Screen frames
- Vinyl wrap for the piano
- Theater style foot lights

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