The Objective
To create double sided postcards for events hosted by Associated Students, Inc. of Sacramento State. 
The Solution
Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)  is an organization at Sacramento State that is dedicated to helping, providing leadership, and recreational opportunities for students on campus. As a graphic design intern in the Student Engagement and Outreach department, I worked on several campaigns that promoted events on campus hosted by ASI. Below are two postcard examples from each campaign. ASI's main color palette is light and dark green as shown in the work below. 
Club Challenge/Election Schedule.
This postcard is apart of the student body election campaign. One side is a promotion for the club challenge held on campus and the other side is a schedule of events for the election. Club challenge is where clubs and organizations can receive money by voting in the ASI student body elections. It is a great way to bring awareness about clubs on campus, as well as a way for clubs to earn money. I decided to make this the more saturated side because it depicts a time sensitive event. I choose orange as an accent color to catch viewers eyes and bring attention to the deadline.  The election side of the postcard is lighter and has two colors to allow the information on the page to be read clearly and easy understood.
ASI Student Staff Awards.
This postcard was an invitation to the ASI Student Staff Awards. The Student Staff Awards is a dinner event where all departments including, The Aquatic Center, Peak Adventures, The Student Shop, The Children's Center, The Student Engagement and Outreach, and The Student Government Office. These departments come together to honor its student staff members. The staff member overseeing the event came to me with a specific style of big bold typography on a solid background. To compliment this style, I created a illustration to represent each department. 

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